Sahil Mehta

Sales & Marketing Professional II Digital Marketing II Content Writing

Exploring and Exploring

Hi, I’m Sahil Mehta !   I love to explore new things. I  am a Cinephile, love food and travel, sometimes read. 

My Story

I am Sahil Mehta, I have an experience in Sales & Marketing. I completed my engineering in Civil and MBA in Marketing. I worked for some time in construction, then I shifted to sales & marketing, where I also got to explore digital marketing. I love to explore new things. I am a Cinephile, love food and travel, sometimes read. 

My Values & Beliefs

No Substitute for Hard Work

Yes there is not substitute for Hard Work but that does not mean that you stop living your life. So do hard work and live your life.

Explore New Things

I believe in exploring new things, due to this some people call me insane but i still believe in this. I advice you also to explore new things. It will give you the idea what to do or at least what not to do.

My Approach

 I believe that there is something truly exciting about exploring different things as you get to learn new things everyday. Yes I advice others as well to explore new thing everyday. I believe that exploration leads to knowledge and understanding and by this you can actually contribute to the world. I try to learn about different things and contribute through it whether its related to sales, digital field, writing or anything else.  Friends whatever I try to explore I try to put words to them.  

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